Time to Tidepool!

July 19, 2017

Tidepooling is one of my favorite activities. My first experience tide pooling while living in Silicon Valley was at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Half Moon Bay. I remember being quite excited and fascinated by all the sea creatures and plants. Seriously, I feel like a little kid! Ha.. Tide pools are great fun to explore. Please give it a try when you get a chance because it feels just like a treasure hunt! However, do make sure to check high and low tide timetables before you go.

Point Lobos Map

Over the weekend I went tide pooling at Weston Beach in Point Lobos (Moss Cove is another good spot for tide pooling). I’ve been here countless of time, but this is my first time visiting during low tide. I was so thrilled, wasted no time and snapped a bunch of photos when I got there. Unfortunately, I only saw one bat star. This is concerning because not too long ago I read about sea stars wasting disease. Everyone has their favorites, but for me, sea stars are the celebrities of the tide pool!

Have you tried tide pooling before? Let me know where and what are your favorite intertidal plants or animals! 🙂

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